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Superset has assisted our institutions in identifying gaps in placements through placement insights and analysis of each and every individual student. All of this is accomplished through the use of a software system that is user-friendly, simple, and reliable.

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1. Register for a Superset at

2. Important Instructions for Superset Registration

3. Superset Login Process

4. Academic details of students required

5. Preferences of the student required

6. Complete Profile of the student

7. Enrolment of student for Placement

This programme significantly reduces the cost of people while providing reliable data.

Register for a Superset at

Superset is an online resource that assists in the recruitment of faculty at a variety of prestigious educational institutions. Currently, a significant number of institutions are use this site to recruit some of the most skilled and experienced faculty members for their operations, and this is expected to increase in the future.

Furthermore, it can be stated that the portal serves as a common source of assistance for both persons who seek to join an institution as faculty and institutions that wish to employ faculty members to fill certain positions within their organizations.

The platform has currently made teacher recruitment available to more than 375 universities across India, according to its current statistics. A few of the prestigious names associated with the universities are IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, SP Jain, BML, Jain University, and many others.

Recruitment may be done through the portal in a more streamlined and digital manner that is also more time efficient. Additionally, the recruiting process is completed end-to-end through the gateway, allowing for maximum ease for the employees.

Registration of Supersets

If you want to be considered for a position at one of India's most prestigious colleges, you need first register on the SuperSet site and create your SuperSet Login. Not only experienced instructors, but also students who intend to pursue a career in education can register on the site and get training in order to be hired as faculty members as soon as possible after graduation. If you have made the decision to proceed with the registration, you must complete the steps outlined below.

Step – 1 – The very first step is to go to the official Superset website, which can be found at

Step – 2 – Select Sign Up from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the website's homepage.

Step – 3 – On the registration screen that appears, select the Start Registration option.

Step – 4 – The first choice will be Basic Detail, and you will be required to enter the Passphrase that you were issued by your college placement cell and submit it.

Step 5 – Fill in the rest of the information, such as contact information, education, and work experience.

Step – 6 – At this point, you must upload the needed papers as well as your photograph.

Step – 7 – Finally, enlist in the placement procedure and register with the appropriate authorities.

Following completion of the registration process, you will be provided with your login credentials, which you may use to enter into your profile at Superset from time to time to monitor your progress in the recruiting process.

Important Instructions for Superset Registration

When you are completing your registration on Superset, there are a number of crucial considerations and points that you should keep in mind and be familiar with.

Your college placement cell will provide you with a Passphrase, which you will need to enter in order to complete your registration at the Superset site.

However, if you have not been provided with a passphrase by the college, you must visit the college's official website and click on the link indicating that they have opened a recruitment campaign. This link will direct your browser to the college's registration page, where you can complete your registration.

You must have your scanned copies of your passport-size photos and supporting documentation, such as your educational degrees and work experience credentials, ready to upload while you are filling out the registration form.

Take care to ensure that the information you provide in the registration form matches the information on the papers you are uploading.

Superset Login Process

After you have successfully registered on the portal and have received your login credentials, you can begin logging into your profile whenever you want to participate in the many activities offered on the site by signing into your profile. Superset login should be accomplished using the procedure outlined here.

Step 1: Go to and visit the official website once again.

Step – 2 – Go to the portal's homepage and click on Sign in, which is located in the top right corner of the page.

Step – 3 – From here, you may sign in with your Google login credentials, Facebook login credentials, or your email address. Make certain that you adhere to the credentials that you entered when you first logged into the portal to avoid confusion.

Step – 4 – Enter your password and click on the Login button to access your profile information.

Superset Login - Forgot Password

If you are attempting to log into your profile after a period of time during which you have forgotten your password, you may quickly regain it by following the procedure outlined below.

Step – 1 – On the Superset login page, right below the Login button, you will see the Forgot Password link. Click on this link to reset your password.

Step – 2 – After clicking on the Forgot Password link, you will be sent to another website.

Step – 3 – On this new page, you have the option of checking in using your Google or Facebook account or by providing your email address in accordance with the login credentials that you chose when you enrolled on the site.

Step – 4 – At this point, select the Reset button.

Step – 5 – You should get an email with a password reset link to your registered email address, which you must click in order to complete the password reset process.

Using your new password, you may log into your Superset profile after you have completed the password reset procedure.

Details required for Student’s registration

Students must fill out this area with their personal information before they may create a profile on the website. The following information will be entered by them:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Information (Email Address)
  • Number of a mobile phone
  • Gender
  • Category
  • Password is required (to be chosen by the students)

Academic details of students required

The following information must be entered by the student in the academic details section:

  • Select the course
  • Select the batch.
  • Month and Year of admission.
  • Month and year in which you expect to graduate.
  • Institute Roll Number.
  • Current Semester.
  • Score (Current Cumulative average in percentage).
  • Make a note of whether or not they are a lateral entry student (Optional).
  • Scores for each semester 
  • Backlog information (Optional)

Preferences of the student required

On this page, students are encouraged to choose a career path that they are interested in.

  • I'm interested in obtaining aid with job placement from the institution.
  • You intend to pursue a higher education.
  • Plan on entering the civil service.
  • Considering starting a business of your own
  • Plan to join the family business
  • Make preparations for postponed placements.
  • Plan to submit your application outside of the university.
  • Plan to pursue a Post-Doc degree.
  • Considering a career in academics or teaching

Complete Profile of the student

As soon as the student has made his or her profile, he or she must login to complete their profiles on the site.

They will have access to a checklist that outlines the information that must be submitted in order for the transaction to be completed.

It is recommended that the pupils be prepared to undertake the following.

  • Check their mobile phone number and email address to make sure they are legitimate.
  • Fill out the application with their permanent address, present address, and any other information required by the college.
  • Include the specifics of class X.
  • Include the specifics of class XII.
  • Students who are pursuing a postgraduate degree must submit the specifics of their undergraduate study.
  • Participate in the placement cycle by enrolling.

Enrolment of student for Placement

  • To finish the registration process, enrolling in the placement cycle is the most important step you can do.
  • Students must enrol in the placement cycle that corresponds to their academic year. The applicant will be declared ineligible if this step is not completed, and they will not get any job alerts from Superset.
  • They may access the Placement Cycle by going to My Profile >> Placement Cycle. My Placement Enrolment Information >> Continue reading this (Green Button)

Placement Rules

These three general considerations influence the placement rules.

  • The maximum number of placements offers a student can get in a placement cycle.
  • The number of times you have to try to get the initial offer.
  • The number of times you tried to get the second offer.

Editing Student Academic Details

This website will walk us through the processes that need to be followed when altering the student's academic information on the computer.

Following the registration of the student, if any of the entered information has to be changed, the procedure outlined below can be used to make the necessary changes.

  • Navigate to the Student's Tab.
  • Look for the student in this area.
  • Navigate to their profile page.
  • Academic Section.
  • Edit (the current course)

Levels and Categories

Each job profile may be given to a category, which in turn can be assigned to a level, as shown in the diagram below. In a placement cycle, there might be numerous levels, and each level can have a number of different categories.


Every placement cycle must have a minimum of one level in order to be considered successful.

Level 1 is always regarded to be the highest level, and all of the highest-paying positions are often found inside this level. It is not possible to rearrange the levels.

The levels will always be numbered in ascending order, regardless of the order in which they are created. To add a new level, use the Add new level button from the drop-down menu.

As soon as a new level has been formed, we can put in place certain rules to regulate the job profiles and applications that are part of this level. The following criteria may be used to do this.

  • There is a limit to the number of offers in a level.
  • The number of times you can try to get the initial offer is limited.
  • There is a limit to the number of times you may try to get an additional offer.
  • The rule is based on the CTC.

CTC Based Rule

When you want to categorise positions and job applications based on the remuneration offered by the firm, you may use the CTC based rule to do this.

The CTC comparable can be divided into two categories.

  • Difference
  • Multiplier

The difference is that when this rule is implemented, the student will be eligible to apply for a job in the current Level if the CTC earned at the level below is larger than the figure entered.

When this rule is implemented, the student will be eligible to apply for a job in the current Level if the previously earned CTC in the level below is larger than the multiple of the value entered in the CTC comparator, which is a multiple of the value entered in the CTC comparator.


  • Every level can have a variety of various job categories represented in it.
  • Categories can be used to apply any conditions to job profiles that are part of the same level as the category in which they are found.
  • It is possible for each category to be regulated by a separate set of rules. They are the Number of Offers, the Number of Attempts, and the CTC. All of those have been discussed in detail earlier in this essay.


So, that was all from our side on Superset. This helps in the recruitment of faculty in various prestigious institutions. This also helps students to get placement off campus and well as other placements from prestigious companies.