Free Fire Advanced Server- Everything you need to know!

Free Fire releases advanced servers on a regular basis, and the game is always evolving. The team is very active and they are adding new features in the game constantly. The new features mostly aim to fulfil the requests from the community.

Given that the new Free Fire advance server has gone online, we're giving you with all of the most recent information about its VPN, APK file, download procedure, login & registration process, and any further information you might need to join in the Free Fire Advance server.

What is Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is the official name of the game. Free Fire: 3volution is a battle royale shooting survival game that is exclusively available on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. In Free Fire, 50 people compete to be the last person standing on an island where they are surrounded by water.

Free Fire is a game that is completely free to play, however there are optional in-app purchases. Garena International, a publishing business based in Singapore has published this amazing game.

Each game lasts a total of ten minutes. Players take steps to ensure that they can remain in the safe zone for as long as possible without being killed by the developing poison or by other players. Players scavenge for armor and weaponry in order to murder their opponents.

Players may use cars to move across the map more easily in the game, but doing so puts them at greater danger of being discovered. There are trenches, houses, and rocks to hide behind while taking aim at other players in this game mode.

As the player climbs in level, other possible characters become available, and loot boxes are awarded at the conclusion of each game. Adding more characters as well as weapons and other equipment is possible through the use of in-game currency or actual money.

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What is Free Fire Advance Server?

Free Fire the OB29 Advance Server is a new test server created by the game's creators for testing purposes. Garena often launches an Advance Server prior to releasing a new patch to the game. The server is intended to be used for testing and experimenting with new features before releasing them as a stable upgrade to the software.

In order to test the features, report flaws, and provide ideas on how to make the features better and bug-free, the developers need to get the help of some of the players. Interestingly, while the stable version of Garena Free Fire can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, the Advance Server is a different application that can only be obtained from the official website of the game.

Now that you are aware of the Advance Server, you can quickly register yourself to take advantage of the unique capabilities it has to offer.

Do you really need to get into Free Fire Advance Server?

No, it is not mandatory to get into Free Fire Advance server since it is meant only for testing purposes. Testers from around the world join the server and test the latest features rolled out by the developers. It’s is a completely separate application and it will not mess up with the main version of the app.

Since it is a test version you may face glitches and you should not download it if you want a smooth experience. However, the upside is that you will earn diamonds for reporting bugs and glitches. Diamonds are the rarest currency in the game and you could join the advance server if you are really in need of them. There are three rewards available: 3000, 2000, and 1000 diamonds, respectively.

There will be only one winner of the 3000 gems that will be awarded. A total of 2000 diamonds will be shared between two participants, and a total of 1000 gems will be shared between three players. Because of their contributions to uncovering bugs, a total of 6 players will be eligible for these 6000 diamonds in the game.

In addition, players who report the first-ever unknown issue in the Advanced Server will receive a special award of 100 diamonds. To report defects and malfunctions, the Advance Server APK has a 'Report' button that may be used to send an email.

Furthermore, by participating in the Free Free Advance Server, you will have the opportunity to obtain additional weapons, skins, maps, and other items. Joining the advance server also shows your loyalty to the game.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Garena Free Fire allows you to download the APK file for the advanced server. Allowing any player from anywhere in the globe to register for free through Facebook and become eligible to become a member of the Free Fire squad, as well as unlock the numerous special rewards, is now available.

You may only register on Free Fire Garena Site's official website, which is , and not on any other website. We will give all of the step-by-step directions that you may follow to complete the registration process, as well as all of the methods to get the APK + OBB File and direct links to download the APK File, in the section below.

If you properly read this page, you will be guaranteed to be able to access the Free fire Advance server for free, both with and without a virtual private network (VPN).

Steps for Registration process of Free Fire Advance Server

Step 1- To begin, copy the link "" and paste it into your browser's address bar. In order to register, the player must first sign in using Facebook or Gmail on the official Garena Free Fire website, or use the Max redemption feature on the website.

Step 2- The FF Advance website will then get loaded in your browser, where you will be able to use the "LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK" feature.

Step 3- Logging in with any "Indonesia server" account using a VPN is suggested since Garena sends updates to Indonesia server users first, and they are the only ones that receive the activation code and Download link for the Advance server 100 percent of the time. You may use any VPN that you find in the play store or on Google.

Step 4- Upon completing the login process with Facebook or Gmail, you will be sent to a new page where you will be asked to provide additional details for complete registration.

Step 5- No need to provide your actual name. You may enter whatever name you like (no need to enter your real name), a functioning email address where Garena can contact you, and a working phone number where Garena can reach you. Following completion of the form, click the "JOIN NOW" button.

Is it guaranteed that I will get access to Free Fire Advance Server?

No, it is not really guaranteed that you will get access to Free Fire Advance Server since the Free Fire team decides which members in the community will get access. However, you don’t need to lose hope since the Free Fire team is generous and you may get the activation code in the next update. There is no other way to get genuine activation code, and you should keep a distance from fraudulent websites.

How to download Free Fire Advance Server APK?

After clicking on the Join button, you will be sent to your browser where you will be able to download the Download APK File. After you click on the Download Link, the downloading process will begin on your mobile device. After you have downloaded the APK file, you should install it on your mobile device and play the game.

Garena Free Fire OR Free Fire MAX will now prompt you to enter a "Activation Code," without which you will not be able to access any features or play the FF game in its entirety. There are many activation codes that are floating around in the internet but it is guaranteed that they will not work. You must get it from authorised sources.

Latest Free Fire Advance Server OB31 Updates

New Characters in OB31 Game Server

1. Snowelle

Snowelle works as a researcher at the Lab. She is also a specialist in nanotechnology and robotics. Snowelle is anticipated to be a female character, according to sources. Her talent is called Nano Nerve, and she is a passive ability character.

When we are attacked by foes, the power of Snowelle allows us to freeze their active ability for a short period of time as well as block their conversion of EP into HP. When you reach the maximum level, the enemy's current ability will be frozen for 5 seconds. Furthermore, she cooldown in 30 seconds.

2. Sverr

According to rumours, Sverr is a top MMA fighter. Furthermore, Sverr is assumed to be a male character. Going Berserk is the name of the ability, and he is an active ability character. According to leaks, the ability drains 40HP to enhance damage by 10% at the basic level. He has the ability to cooldown in 45-seconds

Other features of OB31 Advanced Game Server

The following is a rundown of upcoming optimizations and features:

  • The OB31 Advanced Server will soon have a new pet available.
  • G18-Akimbo is a new gun that will be added.
  • Players may now fire from within the vehicle, thanks to a brand new mechanism.
  • A new scooter will be added to the fleet.
  • The Wichita MK-40 will be a new pistol available.
  • The game will have a new aquatic vehicle — a boat.


Free Fire Advance Server is for enthusiasts of the game and it really gives a cool opportunity to get some free diamonds. If you want to register as soon as a new advance server is released then you could follow many of the gaming news portals out there. You could also follow the official social media handles of Free Fire and get the news right from there. However, there can be many glitches in the advance server and it might frustrate you a bit.