e Ration card download Process - Step By Step Guide

Allow us to inform you that the Electronic Version of the ration card is referred to as an E-Ration Card. The E-Ration Card is an electronic version of the original ration card that can be obtained by visiting the FCS website and downloading the file.

Organization Uttar Pradesh Khadya Department
Service e Ration card download, Registration, Login
Official Website https://fcs.up.gov.in/
Helpline 1800 1800 150
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FCSUPDept

Additionally, the printout of this online copy has been authenticated in a number of government establishments.

UP E Ration Card Download Overview

As a result, ration card holders are unable to take use of its services as a result of the loss of their ration card or as a result of the card's theft. So, the Food and Drug Administration has established the electronic ration card system.

Ration card holders may now get the Uttar Pradesh Digital Ration Card online by visiting the state government's official website. It is a fact that the majority of people are unaware of, which is why we are writing this post to inform you about UP E Ration Card Download so that everyone may profit from it.

Today, we'll walk you through the process step by step to get the most out of it. If your ration card has been misplaced or destroyed, you may also get a new duplicate ration card printed at your convenience. However, the process of obtaining a fresh duplicate ration card is time-consuming.

If you find yourself in this circumstance and are unable to access the ration card's benefits, you can download the e-ration card, which will provide you with access to all of the benefits. In the e ration card, you will input the same information that is accessible on your first ration card, therefore friends, we will tell you how to get the e ration card using your computer or mobile device.

Documents required for E Ration Card Download

If you wish to get a ration card, we require a few key papers before we can begin the process of ration card download. Only after that will we be able to download our ration card from the internet.

Because the procedure of obtaining a ration card varies from state to state, the papers necessary will also vary. It is likely that some of these documents may not be required in the state where you reside, but you should still keep them on hand.

Ration Card Number: It is also called (RC number).

Aadhar Card Number: Any member of the family's Aadhar card number is required.

Mobile Number: You must provide the cellphone number that you provided on the application form when you applied for the ration card.

Is It Possible To Download UP Ration Card / Print?

Here's how to obtain an online copy of the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card, also known as the UP E-Ration Card, and how to print it.

* If you want to get your hands on a copy of the UP E Ration Card, you must first visit the organization's official website. The official website of fcs UP is – https://fcs.up.gov.in/FoodPortal.aspx
* After that, you will arrive at the main page, where you will discover the section " Important Links (NFSA)" under the heading " Important Links (NFSA)". Ration card applicants will be able to access the search page by looking through the eligibility list.
* Then you must select this tab from the drop-down menu. Immediately, a new page will appear in front of you.
* Following that, you will see the option 'Please input the supplied marks in the box'. In this, you will be given some numbers in front of you, which you must fill in and then click on the button of search to begin the search process.
* A new page will appear in front of you at this point. You will be presented with two alternatives on this page, as seen in the image.
* Now select the option of your choice and fill all the information asked. An additional new page will appear, where your UP Ration Card will be visible; you may now download and save it, as well as print your UP Ration Card, if you so choose.

How to do a E Ration Card Download?

These are the instructions on how to proceed with a e ration card download.

1st Step: Open the NFSA website

Friends, the first step is to go to the NFSA official website.

The website will now be accessible; alternatively, you can access the website by clicking on the link provided below, which looks something like this: nfsa.gov.in.

2nd Step: Select Ration Cards option

Its official website will now be accessible.

Afterwards, a large number of alternatives will be offered on the computer screen.

To download your ration card, you must first pick the option of ration card from the drop-down menu.

3rd Step: Select your state name

Following that, pick the option for Ration Card Details on State Portals from the drop-down menu below, followed by the state to which you belong.

You must choose that state because the names of all of the states will display on the computer screen, and you must pick one of them.

Whichever state you are from, you must choose the option that corresponds to that state.

As an example, if you are from Bihar state, you should only pick the Bihar state choice, and if you are from Uttar Pradesh, you should only select the UP option.

4th Step: Select your district name

Following the selection of your state, you will be prompted to pick the name of your district. The moment you choose the name of your state, you will be sent to the next screen.

All of the options for the State Food Portal will be shown on your computer screen.

The following page will display a list of all of the districts.

Selecting the name of your district is the first step in this process.

5th Step: Select Rural or Urban

If you are from a rural location, you should choose the option for rural area.

If you are a resident of an urban area, you should choose the choice for an urban area.

This is due to the fact that these two departments have been split.

If you live in a rural location, you should choose the option for rural settings.

If you are a resident of an urban region, you should pick the Urban option.

6th Step: Select your block name

Following that, you must choose your block.

Whichever block you are a member of, you must only choose the options that are available to you.

Because a list of all the blocks associated with the district will display on the computer screen when the program is launched.

7th Step: Choose a name for your Gram Panchayat (village council).

Then you must choose the Gram Panchayat option from the drop-down menu.

On the screen will appear a list of all of the Gram Panchayat options available.

In this section, you may pick the choice for your Gram Panchayat.

8th Step: Select a name for your community from the list below.

Then you must choose the name of the village from the list of villages that you have created.

The ration card list for the community will appear on the computer screen once the computer is turned on.

You must choose the name of the village from the drop-down menu.

9th Step: Choose the ration card number from the drop-down menu.

After then, you must look for your name on this list.

After obtaining the name, you must choose the ration card number from a drop-down menu.

Final Step: Ration Card can be downloaded.

Ration cards will be unlocked immediately after entering your ration card number into the machine.

The names of the members will now appear with the other information displayed on the ration card.

After that, you can obtain a copy of your ration card.

To download a page, you must first pick the option to print the page.

After that, you can obtain an e-ration card.


Through our website, we have made available all of the pertinent information regarding the West Bengal Ration Card and also on the e ration card download. If, despite this, you continue to experience difficulties, you may get assistance by calling the toll-free hotline number provided.