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The Indian Railways has launched a fully digitalized online Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for its employees. Employee engagement and enhanced productivity are the goals of the Indian Railways' Human Resource Management System (HRMS), which is a high-priority initiative for the organisation.

It is a step towards accomplishing the vision of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the railway system. An HRMS is predicted to have a significant impact on the functioning of all employees and will enable them to become more technologically knowledgeable.

Benefits of the HRMS Railway Service Portal

This application will act as a single point of contact for railway personnel and the railway company's administration. Employees of Indian Railways can now access data pertaining to their employment and connect with administration in order to request adjustments if necessary.

Prior to the installation of HRMS, this information was not readily available to the employee. It increases the level of transparency in the administration. It represents a significant step forward in the computerization of human resource-related operations at Indian Railways.

This HRMS Application allows the employee to examine their history data going back to the date of their employment with the Railways, which includes information such as:

  • Bio-data
  • Service Record Data
  • Increments
  • Promotions Granted
  • Awards Received
  • Transfers
  • Postings
  • Pass & PTO
  • Training Records
  • Family Data
  • Nominations for retirement benefits.

How to use HRMS Railway Service?

The HRMS module can be accessed via the HRMS Mobile App or the HRMS Web interface, respectively. To be able to use the HRMS app, the dealing clerk must first register on the HRMS system. The HRMS ID has been created for the vast majority of railway employees by this point.

  • Employees must first register with the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) by providing their IPAS No. / PF No.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be given to their mobile number. To finish the registration procedure, the employee must enter their information.
  • If you do not have a mobile number, please contact your establishment clerk to obtain one so that you can use this programme to access it.
  • If a user has already registered but has forgotten their HRMS/Login ID, they can use the Registration page to recover their Login ID.

Employees of the Indian Railways can access their profile and scanned copy of their Service Record, as well as an e-Service Record, which is generated based on an entry made in the Human Resource Management System. It is also possible to obtain scanned copies of their Physical Service Record.

CRIS has developed two modules for data collecting, namely Employee Master and e-SR, which were implemented in July 2019. All units of IR are responsible for entering data into these two modules. This application serves as an interface for seeing the data entered by clerks of the Indian Railways. It is available in 2 languages which are English and Hindi. Every employee will be issued with their unique HRMS IDs, which they will use to log in and access the data.

How to Log in HRMS Railway Service?

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) application will serve as a single point of contact for railway personnel and administration.

This Human Resource Management System (HRMS) will enable railway employees to access information about their advancements, promotions, awards, transfers, postings, leave, training, and the composition of their families according to their records, as well as nominations for retirement benefits through the system. As of right now, this information is not readily available to the employees. It improves the transparency of government management.

HRMS also provides access to scanned versions of their Physical Service Record, which may be seen here. It represents a significant step forward in the computerization of human resource-related operations at Indian Railways.

1. Using the link provided below, you can access the HRMS website or mobile application

On a desktop or laptop computer, go to the following link:

For Mobile users, you have the option to download the HRMS Mobile App.

2. When logging into HRMS for the first time, select 'Need Help with Login?' from the drop-down menu

3. Enter your IPAS ID, which is the 11-digit PF/Employee number and click on the button "Go"

Your IPAS ID is the same as your PF number or Employee number, which can be found on your salary slip. The same can be inquired about in the Accounts section as well. Fill up the blanks with your IPAS ID and then click on the "Go" button.

4. After that, the HRMS ID and Registered Mobile Number would be displayed

Following the click of the "Go" button, information such as the HRMS ID, employee name, designation, registered mobile number, department, railway unit, and email ID will be presented, as illustrated in the figure below.

Copy or memorise the HRMS ID/Login ID for future use as the Username when logging in as a user. If your information is not available on the HRMS portal, you should contact the Personnel Branch Dealing Clerk for assistance (DC of Bill Section).

5. At the Login Page, Enter HRMS ID as User Id and Test Password as “Test@123”

Enter your HRMS ID as your Username, and the default password for first-time users will be "Test@123." Enter your Username and Password, and then click the "Login" button.

When you click on the "Login" button, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number on your account. The received OTP on the registered mobile number will be valid for one week after it is received.

6. Enter the Received OTP on Registered Mobile No

If you do not receive an OTP on your mobile phone, double-check that the registered mobile number is correct. Then, if the cell-phone number is correct, click on the link "Resend OTP Click Here," which is located beneath the button "Verify OTP."

If this doesn't work, try calling HRMS help desk numbers 7267910583 or 9953780947 for an OTP.

7. Your Login and Verification is now Successful

Congratulations, you have successfully logged into the HRMS portal.

Employees will be directed to update their passwords after their first login experience. Change your password and make a note of it for future reference.

How to Reset HRMS Railways Service Password?

If you are a first-time user of the Indian Railways' Human Resource Management System (HRMS), you should log in with the default password "Test@123." Your HRMS ID will be your username. When you first log in successfully, you will be prompted to change your password.

If you are a railway employee and a registered user on the Indian Railways' Human Resource Management System (HRMS), and you have lost your password, there is no need to be concerned. The password for the HRMS system can be simply reset by following a few simple steps.

1. Open the HRMS Railway Service Website or Mobile App

The website link is:

Or mobile users can simply open the mobile app

Afterwards, you will see the forgot password option below the login option out there, which you should select in order to get your password reset.

2. Enter HRMS ID and then Click on the “Send OTP” Button

3. Enter the OTP which you will receive in your Registered Mobile Number

A message similar to the following will be displayed: "A 5-digit OTP was successfully delivered to '9XxxxxxxxXXX' for 'YYYYY'." Here, '9XxxxxxxxXXX' will be your registered mobile number, and 'YYYYY' will be your HRMS ID as a railway employee.

Enter your OTP and then click the "Reset Password" button. HRMS will allow you to update your password after you have successfully verified the OTP. You are now able to modify your password.

4. Choose the New Password

In order to ensure that the password is secure, it should be properly chosen and adhere to the password policy. Upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters must all be included in the new password.


  • The minimum length for a password should be eight characters.
  • Passwords should have a maximum length of 15 characters.
  • 1 or more special characters and the following characters are permitted: (!,@,#,$,%,&,*)
  • The number of uppercase letters should be at least one.
  • The number of lowercase letters should be at least one.
  • The number of digits must be at least one to be valid.

After you've entered your new password, click on the "Password Change" button.

Congrats! Your Password has been reset

A notice similar to the one below will show, stating that the password has been successfully reset.

How to OPT in for an E-Pass on HRMS System?

On the 24th of August 2020, Indian Railways debuted the e-Pass on HRMS Module through the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Portal, which was then carried out across the whole Indian Railways network on the 1st of October 2020.

Employees of the railways must now apply for and obtain their Privilege Passes and PTOs on the internet. With this feature, railway employees are no longer required to come to the office in order to apply for a pass, nor are they required to wait for the pass to be issued.

1. Login to the HRMS website with HRMS ID and Password

The website URL is:

2. Select e-SR

Select e-SR from the drop-down menu. Click on 'My e-SR' from the drop-down menu that appears after you log in. It is possible to verify specifics such as designation and family information. Any discrepancy should be reported by selecting the 'Remarks Tab' and submitting a new report containing the proper information.

Following verification of the information, the appropriate Approving Authority will update the information. The following procedures may be performed to complete the e-Pass Application if all of the information provided is accurate.

3. Perform the following Steps

  • Select the "Pass" option from the drop-down menu on the left.
  • From the drop-down option, choose "Pass Set List." The number of manual passes and PTOs that have been issued for the years 2020-21 will be presented.
  • When you are certain that the pass account information is right, input OK in the "Remarks" page and then press "Confirm."
  • The nature of the error should be entered in the notes tab, and then the "Return to Clerk" button should be selected.
  • Select "Yes" from the drop-down option.
  • Next, select the "Family Declaration" option from the drop-down menu on the left.
  • The list of family members and dependents will be presented on the computer screen.
  • To confirm that all of the employee's information about his or her family and dependents is correct, check the declaration box and click 'Submit.
  • If there are any changes/updates, necessary documents such as a bonafide certificate and other supporting documentation may be uploaded.
  • To upload a document, click on the "Choose" button that appears on the screen next to the dependents and then drag and drop the document onto the screen. This will be forwarded to the Dealing clerk/Pass clerk for revision and finalisation.
  • Following verification/approval by the Pass Issuing Authority, the employee will verify and submit the document a second time.
  • Upon completion of the aforementioned processes, it will be presumed that the employee has validated the family information and the Pass/PTO information provided.


So, we can see that the HRMS online service from the Railway Ministry of India, is an excellent means to track status of all employees as well as employees can themselves track their promotions, awards, salary, leaves taken, etc. This will help them become more conscious and dedicated towards their work.