How to Check Ration Card Status By Aadhar Card Number

How to get Ration Card Status by Aadhar Card Number? In this article, we'll go through step-by-step instructions on how to check your card status online. We will talk about how to check the status of a ration card with the use of an Aadhaar number in this article.

However, in order for this to happen, your Aadhaar number information must be connected to your Ration card when you apply for it. Continue reading the article, which also discusses the many techniques of determining the current status.

Linking the Aadhaar Card to the Ration Card would enable the card to be used for all beneficiary programmes, including numerous services that are only available to Ration cardholders. No family would be able to get food and grains unless they have an Aadhaar number linked to their household account.

Examine your Ration Card Status by Aadhar Card Number

The Applicant who has filed for a new Ration card or who has applied for the linkage of the Aadhaar to the Ration card will be able to monitor the status of their application at any point in time.

The technique described below will be able to assist you in finding ration card status by Aadhar Card Number.

* Visit the official website of the Department of Food and Civil Supplies in your state for further information.
* Click on " Status of your Application " or " Application Status " depending on which state you're in to get further information.
* " or " " depending on the state. The website will be led to a part where you will be required to input the necessary information.
* Your Aadhaar number, for example, should be supplied in the appropriate field on the form.
* The Aadhar number you submit should be the same as the one that was used to link your Ration card to your bank account.
* If you input the erroneous Aadhar number, a pop-up dialogue box will appear requesting that you correct your mistake.
* Fill in the blanks with your Aadhaar number, NFS Application ID (if applicable), and any pertinent information.
* In addition, enter the Ration card number that has just been issued.
* Finally, choose "Status" from the drop-down menu under the section.
* All of the information you have provided will be checked, and the status of your ration card will be displayed on the next page.
* If you enter any incorrect information, you will receive an error message and will be required to repeat the procedure.
* There are several processes for verifying the status of your ration card online, and they are all available through the internet portals of the Food and Civil Supplies Departments of their various states.
* Learn about the approach described below, which can assist you in tracking your Aadhaar status if you have misplaced your Aadhaar card.

The Aadhaar card number of any other member of your household will suffice if you have not yet enrolled for Aadhaar. This will allow you to check the status of your ration card by comparing it to the corresponding Aadhaar card number.

Examine the current status of your ration card - Method2

Despite the fact that the Aadhar number has been declared required for linking with the Ration card, Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the status of your ration card without having to provide your Aadhaar number.

For further information, go to the PDS or FCS website for your state, which varies from state to state.

* Click on "Status of your Application" on the site under "Important Links" to see the current status of your application.
* ", which may be found on the webpage under the heading "Important Links." You will be routed to a page where you will be required to input your information.
* But first, you must pick "Enrollment Number" instead of "Aadhaar" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. After that, you must enter your Enrollment ID number in the appropriate field on the next page. In addition, include the "Reference Number."
* It is possible that you will be issued a reference number once you have submitted your application.
* When you apply for a Ration card online, you will be provided with a Reference number, which will be given to you through SMS to your registered mobile phone number.
* To check the status of your Ration card online, fill out the form and then click "Submit."
* If you have an EPDS AP ration card, you may check the status of your card by using the AP EPDS Android App as well.
* From the Google Play Store, you may download and install the official EPDS AP Mobile App.
* Open the application and select "Track Application" from the drop-down menu.
* “ Fill out the "Ration Card number" field and click "Submit."

How To Connect Your Aadhar Card To Your Ration Card?

* To begin, go to the official website of the UIDAI (
* After that, select 'Start Now' from the drop-down menu.
* When the new page opens, enter in the necessary information, such as your address, state, phone number, and so on.
* After that, select the 'Ration Card Benefit' option from the drop-down menu.
* Fill up the blanks with your Aadhar Card Number, Ration Card Number, E-mail Address, and Mobile Number, among other things.
* Following completion of the form, an OTP will be issued to the cellphone number you provided.
* After you have entered the OTP on the website, you will get a notification on your screen indicating that the procedure has been completed.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as this step is done, and your Aadhaar will be connected to your ration card as soon as the verification process is completed. Also, this step is the most important to get ration card status with Aadhar card number.

Connect My Ration Card And Aadhaar Number - Method2 ?

A person can link their ration card and Aadhar card offline by giving papers such as their ration card, necessary documents include a copy of their Aadhar card, a copy of their ration card, and the passport size photograph of the ration cardholder at a ration card centre. There is a photo attached. Other services available at the Ration Card Center include the verification of your Aadhar card's biometric data and the printing of your ration card.

When it comes to the poor and low-income groups in the country, ration cards are just as significant as the Aadhar card. Applying for a ration card will assist you in obtaining adequate food for your family, as well as obtaining a new gas connection, among other things.

In today's world, when things are growing better thanks to modern technology, we must ensure that our vital documents are up to date and easily accessible at all times.

That is precisely what the government's Digital India effort seeks to accomplish. Ration cards can be lost, duplicate copies can be made, and new ones can be obtained through the Digital India programme. The Digital India campaign provides solutions to all of these issues (Apply for Ration Card).

More than 23.64 crore ration card holders throughout the country will be able to take advantage of a variety of ration card services through the Common Service Centers as part of this program.


If the ration card number you supplied is valid, your ration card status will be displayed on the screen, along with the most recent information available. So, this is how you can get ration card status with Aadhar card number.

In case you require any more assistance, please leave a remark at the conclusion of this page. Thank you for reading!