Canara Bank Balance Check with Most Effective and Easy Ways

Canara bank is the largest public sector bank in India. It is one of the leading government banking institutions that was established by Aryodaya Samaj, a group consisting of 14 members on 1 July 1906 in Mangalore, Karnataka. Ammembal Subba Rao Paiplayed a major role in the foundation of this Bank. This bank is headquartered in Bangalore and has over 15 million customer accounts.

Canara bank is a very old and reputed bank that has been serving Indian customers for over 106 years. It provides services in almost 254 branches spread out in 21 states and 2 union territories and also offers online banking and mobile banking facilities to its customers.

The Canara bank also has its offices in other countries. London, Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York. Canara Bank has a large number of ATMs in India and also at international airports.

You can check your Canara bank balance through different methods. In order to check the Canara bank balance, you can make use of their online banking services or can also visit any Canara bank branch and get it done directly from them.

The Canara bank offers its customers a number of benefits such as

  • 24-hour internet banking facility
  • Free SMS alerts
  • Mobile banking services can also be used to check the Canara bank balance

How To Check Canara Bank Balance Through 6 ways

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection so that you can directly access your online accounts to check canara bank balance. You will have multiple options for a Canara bank balance check. Here are they:

1. Bank Balance Check through Missed Call

2. Bank Balance Check through Internet Banking

3. Bank Balance Check from Mobile Banking

4. Bank Balance Check Toll-free Number

5. Bank Balance Check with Passbook

6. Bank Balance Check on ATM

As we just mentioned above, you can check your Canara Bank balance in different ways. We will explain all the methods and processes of the Canara Bank balance check. However, each method is very simple, and anyone can easily do it without any kind of trouble.

1. Canara Bank Balance Check No through Missed Call

The first and the most basic method of checking Canara bank balance is through missed call alerts can be done directly from any mobile phone and it does not require an internet connection. It's best for people who are not tech-savvy. It can be done by anyone with just an ordinary mobile phone that can send and receive calls.

Here are the steps to follow using canara bank balance check no through missed call alerts:

Step1:Just dial the following numbers and give a missed call

  • 0-9015-483-483 for English
  • 0-9015-613-613 for Hindi
  • 0-9015-734-734 for the inquiry of your last 5 transactions

Step2: Once you call one of these numbers, your call will get disconnected automatically

Step3: Within a few seconds you'll receive an SMS from Canara Bank with your balance details

2. Canara Bank Balance Check through Internet Banking

Internet banking can be used to check the Canara Bank balance. It is one of the most common methods people prefer nowadays for checking their bank balance. It’ll only take you just a few seconds/minutes. The only things that you need are an internet connection, a computer, or a smartphone.

Here are the steps to follow when checking your Canara Bank balance using internet banking:

Step1 Open your internet browser on your computer or mobile phone and visit

Step2 Enter your login details like User and Password to get into

Step3 Once you log in, go to the "My Account" section and select the "Account Statement" option

Step4 Here you can check your Canara bank balance with the latest 10 transactions can also be seen

3. Canara Bank Account Balance Check from Mobile Banking (Android, iOS)

Internet banking has gain popularity in recent years. This can be done on your smartphone with just an app. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for both Android and iOS devices. Just like Canara Bank Balance Check via internet you can do the same through mobile app on your Android or iOS devices.

Here are the steps to follow when checking your Canara Bank balance using Canara bank mobile banking app:

Step1 Download the app from Google play store for Android devices or iTunes App Store for iOS devices

Step2 Open the app and log in to the Canara bank app using your login credentials

Step3 Once you log in can can can see the "Balance Inquiry" option where you can check your canara bank account balance Check along with the latest 10 transactions

4. Canara Bank Balance Check Number - Toll-Free

This method is preferred mostly by elders and people who are not familiar with technology can also be done from any phone. Canara bank has set up a 24 / 7 customer care helpline number that can be used to check the Canara bank balance.

Here are the steps to follow when checking your Canara Bank balance using a toll-free number:

Step1 Just dial canara bank balance check number 1800-425-0018 from any landline or mobile phone and follow the instructions

Step2 Your Canara bank balance details will be told in no time

*The 24/7 toll-free number is available for all days other than the 15th of August, the 2nd of October, and the 26th of January.

5. Canara Bank Account Balance Check with Passbook

Just like any other bank in India, Canara bank balance can also be checked through a passbook. It is mostly preferred by villagers who can't access the internet, phone, or computer. It is also the oldest method of checking bank balances.

Passbooks can be obtained in any branch of Canara Bank after you've filled out an account opening application form along with your photo identity proof and address proof like an Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.

Here are the steps to follow when checking your Canara bank balance with a passbook:

Step1 Go to a nearby Canara Bank Branch apply for an account opening and passbook

Step2 Once you get the passbook, you can check your Canara bank balance at any time you want by visiting any Canara Bank branch

Step3 Visit any Canara Bank branch and find the "Update Machine"

Step4 Put your Passbook in the Update Machine and soon your current Canara Bank balance will be printed on the passbook

*In case you're not familiar with Update Machine, you can ask anyone who works in the Canara Bank branch for help.

6. Canara Bank Balance Check on ATM

Canara Bank customers can also check their balance through an ATM machine as well. Here's how:

Step1 Visit a nearby Canara Bank ATM and insert your Canara Bank Debit Card

Step2 You will be asked to enter your 4 digit ATM Pin

Step3 Once you enter your pin, there will be an option called "Balance Enquiry"

Step4 Now press that option and your Canara bank balance will be printed on the screen.

About Canara Bank

Canara Bank is the largest private sector bank in India. It provides a wide range of banking facilities for retail, commercial and agricultural needs of customers from different economic backgrounds right from small-scale industries to large companies. The bank has always been on top as one of the best banks in India in terms of financial stability and service quality.

Canara bank has been helping the common people by providing them with many products and services for their financial needs. They have also been working towards increasing awareness about banking among customers through various seminars, workshops, and roadshows. Canara bank gives priority to the customers' convenience and satisfaction along with maintaining the financial security of the nation.

They are also very helpful towards the economically disadvantaged people and provide various types of loans such as Gold Loan, Housing Loan, Personal Loan, Home Improvement Loan, Vehicle/Motorcycle/Scooter Loan, and Education Loans. Canara Bank is also providing rural banking facilities to help rural communities.

Canara bank has been ranked as one of the most trusted brands in India. This is not only because it is a government bank but a large number of people have placed their trust and faith in the Canara Bank.

Canara bank is a very safe and secure place for money, as it ensures that there is no duplication of your account number or cheque. It has been awarded seven times for being the best commercial bank in India. Canara Bank understands customer needs and this is why they have set high standards based on the quality of services provided to them.

Canara Bank branches are present in almost all the cities and towns of India. So, if you have a Canara bank account, then it is very easy for you to access your account from any part of the country. You can also do mobile banking wherever you wish to do so as Canara Bank has made it possible through its various online banking facilities.

Why Canara Bank?

It has been 106 years since the Canara Bank was established and it is still providing all its customers with excellent services. The bank aims at achieving more than 50% of the market share in savings deposits by 2025 through innovation, technology development, and better customer experience.

The strategy that the Canara Bank follows for this purpose is the education of people about the benefits of banking and financial services.

Canara Bank works towards satisfying its customers' need for convenience, security, and excellence in all aspects of banking. The bank aims at providing a secure place for people for their money.

Technological advantages of Canara Bank

As technology is taking over the world, Canara Bank also transformed itself by using technology that can benefit its customers.

The bank also offers the facility of e-commerce transactions, Aadhaar linking, bank account updation, Aadhaar payment through the help of USSD, Internet Banking for its customers.

Canara bank can be accessed with the help of, the Candi app, and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The website is very easy to navigate and can be used by anyone without

Canara Bank can be accessed through online banking facilities and this is why it can give you a better experience of banking. You can pay your bills, transfer money, check your account balance, etc. all from the comfort of your home without having to visit the bank physically.

Canara Bank also provides several products and services like Personal Banking, Savings Account, Current Account, Fixed Deposit (FD), Recurring Deposit (RD), Loans, Insurance, Credit Cards, and Forex. There are many Indian banks in India but Canara bank is well known for its high-quality services.

Canara Bank vision

The Canara Bank also has the vision to carry out business with global partners who have similar values and principles and commitments to the society and environment.

Canara Bank is gradually increasing its market share in the population of India. It wants to increase its customer base by establishing branches across all states and union territories. Canara Bank has also opened International Banking Units (IBUs) to provide high-end services at international airports for Indian travelers who are traveling abroad so that they can easily access their money anytime anywhere. The Canara bank also has its offices in other countries: London, Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York.

The Canara Bank's future plans look really good in terms of helping its customers and achieving all their requirements very easily. It is increasing the number of ATMs in India as well as at international airports so that they can be used by people anytime with ease.


So these are some of the methods available to check Canara's bank balance. You may pick any one of them to suit your needs. Here, every method is given with step by step guide so that you can easily use the Canara bank balance check process without wasting more time. If you have any other queries on the bank balance check, then you can contact the Canara Bank customer care via their official website or can also dial their toll-free number at 1800-425-0018.