Canara Bank Account Opening Online Guide - To Open Account Easily

Canara bank offers a wide range of saving accounts and based upon the customer’s needs one can choose the account. When it comes to the canara bank online account opening, the main goal of the Canara bank is to keep one’s money safe and all the while the customer will get the interest.

Because of the wide range of saving accounts, Canara bank has made the account opening process easier and simpler by launching Canara bank account opening online. Through online, we can do the account opening from anywhere and anytime.

A Short Overview On Canara Bank Account Opening Online

Canara Bank is providing several saving accounts and based on the customer’s needs and requirements the saving account will be provided. For example, if you belong to the category of high-end customers then it will provide a premium saving account and here the features will be advanced and you will get excellent customer service.

The children who are below the age of 18 will have a minor savings account, the children can run the account independently, and also the minimum balance account will be less.

The opening of Canara bank account can be done in two ways either online or offline. But the Canara bank account opening online is getting popular in recent times as it consists of simple procedures and also it is easy to do.

The customers who are opening an account online will get certain benefits when compared to the offline customers but certain things are common for both the customers who opened accounts online and offline. For example, the minimum average balance maintained by the customers should be Rs.1000 for urban people, and for the semi-urban and rural areas, it should be Rs.500.

Types Of Canara Bank Saving Accounts

Canara Champ Deposit Scheme: This scheme is especially for children who are up to 12 years of age and here it is not necessary to maintain a minimum balance. This can be done online.

Canara Small Savings Bank Deposit Account: This is for the person who can’t able to provide full KYC documents. You can’t do this online, as you need to visit the nearest bank branch to get the prescribed form.

Canara Jeevandhara Sb Account For Senior Citizens: This is especially for the senior citizens of India and it can be done online but you need to submit the signature specimen card to the branch.

Canara SB Power Plus: This is especially for the premier customers and here the minimum balance to be maintained is Rs.1 lakh. It requires a lot of processes, so one needs to visit the branch.

Canara Payroll Package Saving Bank Account: This is a kind of salary account and for this; the organization should have a minimum of 25 employees. And for this one needs to submit a lot of documents.

Regular Canara Bank Saving Account: The regular saving bank account is for the normal people where one needs to maintain a minimum balance between Rs.500 and Rs.1000 based on the location. This can be done online.

Canara NSIGSE Saving Bank Deposit Account: This is especially for the girl children from SC/ST caste and it requires no initial deposit as it is a zero balance account.

How To Open A Canara Bank Account Online

The Canara Bank account opening online process is a simple method and even it is mobile-friendly, so it can be done in few minutes. In the past time, if you need to open an account you should visit the branch and needs to wait for several hours but to make the account opening process easier and comfortable the Canara bank has launched the online process of account opening.

Here, you don’t need to visit the website as it will consume a lot of time, but instead, you will be opening the account through Canara DiYA where DiYA stands for digitally your account. This is an online platform that will help customers to open the Canara bank savings account online. You will get this feature both on the web and mobile, so you can use Canara DiYA from any source available. It is not only a simple and easy process, but also it will take less time.

Canara DiYA is mainly introduced to make the online process of opening an account simple, but apart from this, the instructions required to maintain the account won’t be changed.

Here are steps to follow for Canara bank account opening online

1. The first step in the Canara bank account opening online is that you need to open the DiYA platform, if you are using the mobile, then go to the Google Play Store and download the app. Through web, you can directly get into the platform - visit

2. Once you have entered into the application, you will see an option called “I think I am seeing you for the first time”.

You need to click the first one, but make sure you didn’t have an account on Canara bank previously; if you have then you need to click the second one.

3. Next, it will ask you to enter your Aadhar number, but before entering the Aadhar number you need to agree to the terms and conditions or it will show an error. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, then you can fill in your Aadhar number.

4. But for the above step, you need to make sure whether your mobile number is linked to the Aadhar number, and then only it will lead to the next process. If your mobile number is not liked to Aadhar number then you can’t process the step further

5. Once you have entered your Aadhar number, then you will get an OTP number on your mobile number which is linked to the Aadhar number

6. Enter the OTP number in the required column, after that, it will lead to a page where all your details will be shown and you need to check the details which are given are correct or not

The personal details include your name, address, and date of birth which you have given for the Aadhar card.

7. Once you have clicked enter, then it will take you to the next page, where it will ask whether you are having a pan card or not

If you don’t have a Pan card then you need to submit form 60 to the nearest bank branch.

If you have the pan card then click the first one and if you don’t have any then click the second one.

8. In the next step, it will ask for certain details like your passport number, voter ID number, license number, your profession, and your gross annual income. Your annual income and profession is the mandatory field which you should fill, while the other columns can be left unfilled

9. Then the page will lead you to certain instructions of the Canara bank which you need to follow if you have an account with Canara bank

The instructions include your minimum balance, withdrawal, and others.

10. Once you read all the instructions, then you need to click proceed

11. Then the page will take you to the next step, where you need to fill in certain personal details like your status and your parent’s details

12. Once you have entered all the details, then it will ask you to fill in the nominee details, where you need to mention anyone from your family

13. Once you have filled in the nominee details then it will take you to the next step. But if you have missed entering your parent’s name then it will take you to the previous page, so you need to fill in all the details.

14. After filling in all the details, the page will take you to the next step. Here you will see some of the facilities offered by the bank for you based on the details you have mentioned

15. Once you have viewed the facilities offered to you, then you need to choose the branch. If you click “choose your branch” then it will lead to a bar where you need to enter your state name and after that, you need to search for your branch.

16. After you are done with the state and branch name, on the next page it will be asking your mobile number and mail Id to send all the details related to your account. So, while giving the mail Id make sure you are giving your mail account

17. In the next step, you will get an OTP on your mobile number which you need to fill

18. Enter the OTP and click the option called “open account”. The process will take few minutes to proceed

19. Once the process got completed, then you will receive the e-welcome kit on your mail Id

20. Even if you want to download the details, then at the bottom of the page you will see the option called “download your welcome kit”. So click it to download your account details

21. If you open the welcome kit which you have downloaded it will ask password, and the instruction for the password will be informed earlier. If you failed to notice, then refer to the below image to get your password

22. If you entered the password, then you can able to open the PDF document

That’s all, the process is simple and it can be done in few minutes. Canara bank online account opening can be done Without submitting a lot of documents.

It will take few days to get your welcome kit to your address, and the kit contains a personalized cheque book and ATM card. The kit will be sent to the customer’s postal address within 7 to 8 working days from the date of opening the account.

Benefits of Canara Bank online Account Opening

  • The online process of account opening can be done anywhere within 5 minutes and it is completely a paperless process
  • The account can be open instantly by using your Aadhar number
  • Through online, the branch name can be selected based on your choice
  • It is possible to open an account even if you don’t have a pan card, but the transaction is limited if you don’t have pan card
  • You don’t need to have a lot of documents as Aadhar and pan card is sufficient to open an account online

Limitations of Canara Bank online Account Opening

  • Even though you are opening the account online, but still once the account has been opened you need to submit all the documents by visiting the bank branch
  • Within 12 months you need to complete the full KYC process if you have opened the account online or your account will get closed
  • You can’t maintain more than Rs.1 lakh in your account, and also your credit should not go beyond 2 lakhs in a year

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum balance maintained in the Canara bank account?

The minimum balance maintained for the savings account in Canara bank is Rs.500 for the rural branches and Rs.1000 for the metro, urban, and semi-urban branches.

2. What is Canara DiYA?

Canara DiYA is an online platform and using this it is easy and simple to open an account from anywhere. You can use this platform both on the web browser and mobile phone.

3. What documents do I need if I open an account online?

You don’t need any documents if you want to open an account online, only an Aadhar card and pan card is sufficient. Still, to make the process even easier, it is possible to open an online account without having a pan card.

4. What if I don’t have a pan card, is that possible to open an account online?

Yes, it is possible to open an account online even if you don’t have a pan card, but the Aadhar card is mandatory and it should be linked to your mobile number. But if you have opened your account without using a pan card then you need to submit form 60 to your nearest branch and also the customers can’t transact beyond Rs.50, 000.

5. Is Canara DiYA, a zero balance savings account?

No, Canara DiYA is not a zero-balance saving account, but it is a platform that is used to open an account online instantly. Even if you opened an account using Canara DiYA still you need to maintain the minimum balance as per the requirements. If you failed to maintain the minimum balance then maintenance charges will be levied on your account.


As there are different types of accounts available in Canara bank, only certain kinds of accounts can be open online. Even if you opened the account online, still to complete the entire process you need to visit the branch.

Canara bank has made the account opening process simple and easier, and for this, it has made a very good app that is user-friendly. If you are planning to open a savings account online, then it is possible here. Within few minutes, you can finish the account opening process and you will get the account credentials instantly.