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1. CUIMS Overview

2. Cuims Login Process -

3. Cuims chandigarh university login – Cuims bb login

4. CUCHD Blackboard Login for Staff members

5. Procedure for downloading the CUIMS application?

6. Benefits of Chandigarh University

7. CUIMS Helpline

CUIMS Overview

The Chandigarh University information management system (CUIMS) is the full name of the system. Chandigarh University's student login site is specifically created for students who are enrolled in a variety of courses at the university.

Using this digital platform, students of Chandigarh University may quickly log in by providing their Chandigarh University user id and password, which are supplied by the university for all newly registered students. All that is required is that you click on the sign-in button.

While not on campus, you can access a variety of services such as an online library, information about various activities at universities, fees payment, cuchd mail login, cu lms login registration and fees dues, University examinations, result information, and all other details related to Chandigarh University without having to travel to the university's location.

Cuims Login Process

  1. To begin, go to the cuims chandigarh university login site at: http://Uims.Cuchd.In/Uims/ and create an account.
  1. Input your User ID here.
  1. You will now be transferred to another page, where you will be required to enter your password.
  1. To sign in, click on the Login button.

Chandigarh University's information management system (IMS) is a digital platform that was created by the university with the express goal of streamlining student-related services and reducing the need for students to visit the campus. This portal allows you to access services from both your computer and mobile device by logging in through it. You may also get the CUIMS Android app for your smartphone if you want. In order to begin logging into this portal, you must first have your login ID and password in your possession. You will be able to successfully log in using this portal once you have entered the necessary login credentials.

Upon acceptance into Chandigarh University, the university issues each student with a login ID and password, which allows them to access the student information system. Because each student has a unique registration number, each student has a unique set of login credentials. Your login ID and password must be kept safe and secure since they allow you to access a variety of services available on this digital platform.

If you have forgotten your login credentials, you will need to go to the University Campus to retrieve them. We strongly advise you not to share your login ID and password with anybody else since these login credentials are case-sensitive.

Cuims chandigarh university login – Cuims bb login

In order to better serve its students, Chandigarh University has implemented an information management system. After receiving your login credentials from the university, you may begin using this site to access your information. By inputting these login details, you will be able to log in immediately through this site. If you want to know how to log in using this portal, then you should follow the steps outlined in the following section.

  1. Visit the official website for more information.
  1. In the user ID field, type in your email address.
  1. To proceed, click on the Next button.
  1. A new page will be shown on your computer's screen.
  1. Fill up the blanks with your login credentials.
  1. To sign in, click on the login icon.

After that, you will be led to your student profile area to complete your registration. If you make a number of incorrect password entries, your student profile will be locked for a period of 24 hours. So, make sure you input your login details correctly to avoid any difficulties.

CUCHD Blackboard Login for Staff members

For the convenience of the faculty and employees of Chandigarh University, this university also provides a cuims blackboard login page. The login portal's interface is meant to look and feel like a blackboard, making it simple to use. Through this link, you may learn new things and communicate with your pupils in real time. The procedure that follows will walk you through the process of logging into this portal step by step.

  • Visit the official website at and create an account.
  • Select the Blackboard cuims login option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the provided box, type in your user ID.
  • Your login password should be entered into the following text box.
  • To sign in, click on the login icon.
  • As soon as you have successfully logged in, you will be able to access the Dashboard of the Chandigarh University information management system blackboard.

Chandigarh University management system

The Chandigarh University Information Management System (CUIMS) is a student login platform for students who are enrolled in courses at the university. Participants in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses can log in using this management system to access all of the material supplied by the university through this digital platform, which includes course schedules and syllabuses. All you have to do is go to the CUCHD's official website, which is located at

Chandigarh University is one of the most prestigious private institutions in India, and it is also one of the oldest. The year 2012 marked the beginning of the establishment of this university. The University of Chandigarh holds the national record for the most patents issued by a single institution of higher learning. The CUIMS login site allows you to access information such as online attendance records, examination forms, results, and admission card download, among other things.

This digital platform may be accessed via a computer or a mobile device. For Android users, there is also a CUIMS mobile application available. The application's user interface is quite similar to that of this online digital site. In order to use the services, you must first log in with your student login ID and then with your password. Also available is this Android application, which allows you to have access to all of the services at the tip of your fingers.

What is the procedure for downloading the CUIMS application?

The CUIMS application is specifically created for students who do not wish to visit the Chandigarh University digital platform every time they wish to take use of any of the university's services. If you prefer small-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets, you may download this Android application to your smartphone and use it as a flashlight. The instructions below will walk you through the process of installing the CUIMS application on your Android mobile phone.

  • Your Android smartphone should now be able to access the Google Play Store.
  • To access the search menu, select it from the drop-down menu.
  • On the search menu, type in the name of the CUIMS app.
  • You will see a variety of outcomes on your computer screen.
  • Select the app offered by BCTUBE from the drop-down menu. To begin the installation process, click on the install button.

If you encounter any difficulties, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.

  • Step 1 – Navigate to the Cuims Chandigarh University Portal official login page by clicking on the official URL provided below. After you click on the link, a new tab will open in your browser, allowing you to continue reading the instructions and performing any necessary troubleshooting steps if necessary.
  • Step 2 – Simply log in using your username and password. Cuims Chandigarh University Portal would have to have provided you with these, either during the sign-up process or later on by your authority at Cuims Chandigarh University Portal.
  • Step 3 – You should now get a notice stating that you have been successfully signed in. Congratulations, you have successfully signed in to the Cuims Chandigarh University Portal.
  • Step 4 – If you are experiencing difficulties logging into the Cuims Chandigarh University Portal website, please refer to our troubleshooting instructions, which can be found here.

Benefits of Chandigarh University

The name of the institution was inspired by Chandigarh, which is renowned as the apex of cultural legacy and urbanisation and is known as "The City Beautiful."

  1. Chandigarh University provides a one-of-a-kind and inspiring academic approach that is meant to meet or exceed worldwide standards. Flexibility, experiential learning, and an interdisciplinary focus are all incorporated into a diverse range of degree offerings.
  1. CU is engaged in world-class research that has produced excellent outcomes in the context of the current research excellence framework.
  1. The University is home to a thriving intellectual fraternity comprised of students from major colleges across the country and around the world. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, Colorado University has the highest level of student satisfaction in the country.
  1. Through relationships with more than 312 top-ranked institutions across the world, Chandigarh University provides students with a global perspective that allows them to take advantage of international educational possibilities.
  1. Our students come from all 28 Indian states, eight Union Territories, and forty different countries, with more than 65 percent of them hailing from other states and countries outside of India. The environment at CU is therefore global, pleasant, and inclusive.
  1. As a student-cantered institution, CU offers students with the best possible learning experiences and services that help them succeed. We encourage our students to take ownership of their academic work, social lives, and professional growth.
  1. From in-house built and deployed university information management systems (CUIMS) paired with the world-renowned Blackboard LMS to high-speed internet access available across the campus, technology is at the heart of everything we do at Colorado State University.
  1. Chandigarh University is a not-for-profit institution founded on the principles of ethical, professional, and transparent e-governance, with a mission to engage students and faculty in the development of a healthy, vibrant, and long-lasting society.

CUIMS Helpline

When the applicants receive their login credentials from the university, they are advised to keep these credentials safe since they will not be able to connect into the CUIMS portal unless they do so properly. However, if you have misplaced your login credentials and are unable to access into the portal, you can contact the CUIMS helpdesk at the toll-free number 1800 1212 88800 for assistance.

When a candidate does not receive sufficient information from the helpline, he or she should contact the individual institutions in order to obtain the login credentials from the administration once again. However, it might be a time-consuming job at times. Because of this, it is recommended that applicants safeguard their credentials from the start and do not allow them to be lost or stolen.


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