Most Effective Ways to Check Punjab National Bank - PNB Account Balance Check Methods

PNB Bank or Punjab National Bank is one of the largest and oldest banks in India which was found in 1894. Through its 124 years of journey, the PNB is known for its trust and performance. The bank consists of various features and plans for the customers to enhance convenience and efficiency.

The best feature of the PNB is it provides several ways to check the balance. In earlier days if we want to check the balance of our account we need to visit the branch. But now, technology has provided so many ways on checking the balance.

Of all the banks, the PNB offers unique options to know the minimum balance in the PNB savings account. By simply sitting at home, you can check the balance as the PNB bank has provided many convenient options for the customers.

If you don’t know how to know the PNB account balance, no worries, here are the ways provided by PNB to check the balance of the savings account.

When compared to the other banks, PNB has invested a lot in the latest digital technologies to make sure that the customer is getting a wide variety of options to check their account balance. Just check out the options available online or offline.

PNB Account Balance Check via Net Banking

Net banking is one of the easiest and convenient ways for a PNB account balance check. Once you have opened the account with PNB then you can apply for net banking. After you have opened the net banking account successfully, you will get the banking credentials such as username and password which is provided by the bank.

Now, you need to visit the net banking of PNB and then log in to your account using the login credentials.

On the dashboard, you will find the account summary option, click on it. You will get your balance details.

If you want, you can even get the E-statement by clicking the “Other services” options under the net banking. Then click “Service request” to “New request” and finally click on “Email statement registration”.

Mobile Banking

In mobile banking, PNB offers some mobile apps that will help you to check the balance of your account through mobile. Even the apps provided by PNB will also help you with the transaction and other banking facilities which you can do without visiting the bank.

Here are the mobile applications offered by PNB for the account holders to check their balance through mobile banking.

PNB mBanking

The PNB mBanking is available on both Android or iOS devices, and using this application you can do a lot of banking activities. The PNB mBanking application provides features like inquiry on account balance, mini statement, transactions, cheque book request, and others.

Here all you need to do is install the application, and open the app. There you will see an option called “PNB balance inquiry option”, click on it and your balance will appear on the skin.

PNB Account Balance Check via mPassbook

If you are looking for a detailed account statement, then go for this app. This is one of the most interesting apps provided by PNB for the balance check. Even this app will help you to save the detailed statement on your phone so that the customers can view it whenever they need it. This app is suitable for both viewing the mini and detailed statements. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Install the PNB mPassbook application on your phone, and then log in to the account using your MPIN. In the list, select the savings/current account and get your balance statement.

PNB MobiEase

PNB MobiEase is another latest and developed app by the PNB which is mainly discovered to enhance the convenience of customers. But the app is available only for Android users, still, it offers different services like missed call banking, USSD banking, SMS banking, and others. This app is especially for the customers who don’t have Wi-Fi or a 3G connection, as the app doesn’t need any internet connection to work.

Once you have installed the app, click on the option called “balance inquiry” to check your balance.

PNB Account Balance Check via SMS

Are you looking for the easiest option that doesn’t need an Android phone or internet connectivity? Then yes, we have the simplest option which is SMS banking. The SMS facility option makes sure that the customer is convenient by helping them with the PNB account balance check. But remember for this, your mobile number should be registered with the bank.

Using SMS banking the customer can do other banking activities which are as follows;

For balance enquiry;

Type BAL/ Space/ 16 digit account number

For example, it should be like this BAL 1234xxxxxxxxxxxx

For self-transferring of funds

SLFTRF/ Space/ From Account Number/ Space/ To Account Number/ Space/ Amount

For Mini-statement inquiry

MINSTMT/ Space/ 16 digit account number

For cheque status enquiry

CHQINQ/ Space/ Cheque number/ Space/ 16 digit account number

For stop payment of cheque

STPCHQ/ Space/ Cheque number/ Space/ 16 digit account number

Whatever the service you choose, you need to send an SMS to 5607040.

Toll-Free Number

It is possible to check the PNB account balance using a toll-free number. Just dial PNB Account Balance Check Toll-Free Number 1800 180 2223 or 0120 2303090. The customer should call the toll-free number from the registered mobile number.

Once you called the number, the line gets automatically disconnected after a short ring. Within few minutes, you will get a message from the bank regarding your account balance.

This is one of the best and effective options offered by the PNB bank and it is free to use. All the customer needs to do is giving a missed call to the toll-free number for the PNB account balance check number.


Are you using apps like Google Pay, PhonePay, PayTM, BHIM UPI, and other payment apps? If you using any of the apps and you are a PNB customer then, yeah you can check the account balance using these apps.

Nowadays, most people are using these kinds of payment options for transactions. So, people find more comfort and they are convenient to use such apps. The PNB has utilized these apps and made it possible for the customer to check account balance through these apps.

Now, all you need to do is;

Open any of the apps

Find out the option called “Bank account”

Select the account which you have registered under the PNB

Tap to view the balance

Enter the UPI PIN

Your screen will display the balance

PNB Account Balance Check Number - Customer care

The PNB is famous for using the latest and advanced technologies in banking by making the customer feel more convenient. But apart from that, the one notable thing about PNB is its customer service. They offer excellent customer service for those who can’t check the account balance on Android or iOS devices.

If you want to enquire about the balance using the customer care number, then dial 1800 180 2222. Once you have done the calling, you need to select the language as per your preference and then select the banking option.

After that, you need to enter your 12 digit account number and 16 digit debit card number. Once you have entered all the numbers, it will ask for your ATM pin; enter the pin to get the balance of your account.

PNB passbook method

All the customers of PNB will have a passbook, once you have opened the account they will be issuing you the passbook. This passbook option may seem outdated but this is one of the easiest options for people who don’t know much about Android or iOS devices or apps or other techniques.

The customers should update their passbook once in a while, and if you are visiting the nearest branch then you can get details about your account balance while updating your passbook. In this method, you will get the complete information of your debit and credit transactions which are made by the account holder.

PNB Account Balance Check Through ATM

Everyone will have a PNB ATM card which will be issued to you once you have opened the account. So, you can visit the PNB ATM centre to check your account balance and it is free to use. Even you can use the PNB ATM card in other banks ATM’s machines also, as you will get to know the balance amount.

Here are the things that customers should follow for a PNB account balance check;

Visit the nearest ATM centre of PNB or another bank’s machine

  • Insert the PNB ATM card
  • Enter your four-digit PIN
  • Then click on the balance inquiry
  • The screen will display your account balance and even you will get the receipt from the machine

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of account is offered by the PNB missed call banking?

Through missed call banking, the PNB customers can check the account balance and it is free to use. The PNB is offering missed call services not only for the savings account but even for the current account. So both current and savings accounts can use the missed call banking service.

2. During the missed call service banking, I am getting an IVR message saying that I will receive the message, but the message says that my number is not registered. What does it mean?

In most cases, once your call got disconnected in missed call banking you will get a message regarding your account balance. But if you didn’t get the message even after receiving the IVR message then your number is not registered with the bank. Because the IVR message is a default one, that will be sent to both registered and non-registered mobile numbers, but the message after that will be sent only to the registered mobile numbers.

So, you need to visit the nearest PNB branch to register your mobile number with the bank.

3. What are the methods available to check my last 5 transactions?

There are various banking services available for PNB customers to check their account balance, but if you want to check the last 5 transactions of your account, then it can be done by missed calls or mobile banking, or net banking.

But if you prefer the mobile banking or net banking option, then you can get a detailed statement on your transactions.

4. Does the bank charge any amount if I check my balance through the SMS banking method?

No, the bank won’t charge any extra money from your mobile if you check your account balance through SMS banking. But the regular fees will be deducted from your mobile service provider that happens for any SMS.

5. Is it necessary to visit the nearest branch to enquire about the account balance?

No, it is not necessary to visit the bank branch if you want to check your balance. There are lots of ways provided by the PNB for smartphone users to check the balance on their mobile. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can check the balance by sending an SMS to 5607040 or giving missed call to 0120-2303090.

6. How do I get my PNB mini statement through mobile?

One of the easiest ways to get the PNB mini statement is using the SMS banking service. The customer needs to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to 5607040. Your SMS should contain MINSTMT/ Space/ 16 digit account number.

Even if you have PNB mobile apps or net banking, you can get a mini or detailed statement.

Final thoughts:

Now, you will be clear about the number of ways available for the PNB account balance check. It is easy to check your balance on daily basis without worrying about fraudulent activity as the PNB bank offers the safest and convenient options for the customers.

The digitalized services offered by the PNB attract a lot of customers from anywhere in the country and it is possible to check the balance online or offline.