Welcome to the home page for the Accountancy Affinity Group.

The Accountancy Affinity Group (AAG) is a sub committee of the UK Anti Money Laundering Supervisors Forum. The AAG is a forum in which professional bodies work collaboratively to develop accountancy sector supervisory policy to promote consistency in standards and best practice.

The AAG consists of the accountancy professional body supervisors listed in Schedule 3 of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (as amended). Further details and a list of the professional bodies that the AAG is comprised of is available here


Serious and Organised Crime costs the UK at least £24 billion each year. That’s why the AAG, along with the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), has been working with HM Government to run the Flag It Up campaign.

This joint initiative aims to raise awareness of the warning signs of money laundering, and help professionals protect themselves and their firms. Further advice, information and guidance on tackling the threat of money laundering is available here

A joined-up and relentless response to money laundering is vital if we want to tackle this complex and destructive crime. Working with industry to help professionals spot the warning signs of suspicious activity will make things even harder for those seeking to evade the law,” Security Minister Ben Wallace, said.The Government, law enforcement and industry are working together to ensure there is nowhere left to hide for the criminal and the corrupt.